Nuco Training Vs id media

Nuco vs idmedia

Always Outnumbered… Never Outgunned.

Round one.

Nuco Training accepted id media’s challenge earlier in 2009 for a challenge, a challenge like no other… bowling. The battle was to take place in Truro’s very own bowling ally, home territory to id media. As the sun set behind the cathedral two teams would gather to compete for honour… power… and Smarties.

The risk’s were high and the air was tense as  id media rolled in sporting their custom bowling tee’s, spreading fear into the hearts of everyone around… or so they thought, but Nuco showed none.

The battle spanned over two games, both teams fuelled with desire to obliterate each other, and Cornish Rattler. As the lights dimed and the pins lit up in the coldness of the UV lights both teams thought well, strikes a plenty, as well as a few gutter balls by both teams. This match looked like a close call.

After the last neon pin fell, both opponents gathered there troops around there grog and waited patiently for the tally of the scores. Jason of Nuco Training did the honours, and started with the less painful wins first, like Barry with the most gutter balls, although this seemed to be his plan ever since he realised the prize was a box of Smarties.

The final overall score was added up and to id medias delight they had taken the prize, the battle was won, cheers across the valley from the town folk ran out into the night. Children wept at the wonder of the trophy, women threw them sel … you get the idea.

Lord Steve Best of Nuco training, waited patiently for his worries to return with good news, but they had none. As word reached his ear his immediately picked up the dog and bone, the gauntlet was once more thrown down, “you may of won the battle id media, but you have not won the war”

A rematch was agreed, this time… Steve would play.

Round Two.

As the sun set once more into a cold October evening, the rematch was upon the two teams. This time they gathered in Nuco’s home territory, at a mighty yellow place called Ozzell Bowl.  Serving a 5 star meal of a lonely microwaved burger ( no chips ) they had to rely on there pure alcohol powered bowling skills to get them threw this war.

Fear was spread as Nuco training rolled into the arena, sporting numbers in plenty they apposed a formidable treat to id media, but always outnumbered, id media were never outgunned.

The teams flooded the floor an took aim once again. The battle went on for many years and many fell, pins that is. The scores were threw the roof, and Nuco’s secret weapon ‘Dan’ obliterated the pins as he threw the balls down the ally, as if they were small woodland creatures.

After the dust settled they gathered there posture and sat down for the gruelling task of counting the kills. Id media at this point thought it was game over… Then Jason’s face said it all, he couldn’t quite believe it, by the wonderful laws of average id media had it in the bag. Maths is a good thing kids.

The trophy was handed over, to sit once more in the office of id media, a constant reminder of skill… and .. a lot of luck & gutter balls.

They rode of into the night, on there steady steeds, victorious once again. Even the bitter cold of the night could not dampen the mood, as they basked in the warm glow of the mighty trophy.

Some say they have been banned from the Chelsea Flower Show, and that they roams around the woods at night foraging for wolves, all we know is they were called id media.

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